• Welcome to Grit in the Elementary Classroom! 
    Thank you for signing up for this course.  As elementary educators we all realize the importance of cultivating a growth mindset in our students at an early age.  Throughout this self-paced course, you will explore resources that will help make qualities such as grit, resiliency, and determination overt, concrete, and accessible to your students.
    Please note that sections 1-7 will be due by August 15th and the follow-up portion will be due by October 15th.  If you have any questions throughout the course, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.  To help keep you organized throughout the course, you may want to print out a Grit Online Course Checklist.  You will not need to submit this, but it may help you keep track of everything.  You will need to submit  this document at the end of the course.  Start, Stop, & Continue


  • The best professional resource that defines a Growth Mindset and its implications in life is the book Mindset by Dr. Carol Dweck.  This is one of the most important books we can read as educators or parents.  It is not a required text for this online course, but it is highly recommended!
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Getting to know you

  • Welcome - Suzanne Dailey

    Hi everyone,
    It's so nice to have you for this first time offered online course!  When CB started talking about Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck, I was so intrigued as a teacher and as a mom.  I think that the idea of a Growth Mindset, the ability to learn new things, accept and honor challenges, and grow is a game changer.  I am so excited to share some great research-based information with you and show off some of the great things happening in our elementary classrooms to promote qualities of a Growth Mindset.  It makes my heart happy to know that as elementary educators, we have such an opportunity to show this to our youngest students.  We spend a lot of time teaching academics and an investment in teaching character is essential.  I look forward to our conversations and learning from one another.  Let's get our grit on!
  • Grit

    Hi all!  My name is Jen Cannon, and I am an ESL teacher at Mill Creek.  Last year was my first year teaching at CB, and I had the opportunity to learn a little bit about grit from Suzanne at one of the academy sessions I attended.  I did the sandpaper lesson with my students as soon as I heard about it, and they referenced it throughout the rest of the year every time they were presented with something that was challenging for them.  For ESL students especially, having a growth mindset is really important, because they often face more challenges than native English speakers.  I'm looking forward to learning about more ways to apply this in my classroom.


  • Grit


    My name is Kate Tate and I teach 1st grade at Bridge Valley.  I usually introduce grit using the sandpaper activity each year.  I am excited for this workshop to learn new ideas and activities to help promote my students grittiness throughout the entire school year.  I think the value of grit is so important, at any age.  I look forward to helping students see how important it is to always keep trying and persevere!


  • Getting Gritty

    I am a 2nd grade teacher at Linden.  I am excited to learn about teaching grit in the classroom.  I think hands on activities would help my students to see how grit pays off in the real world.  Examples from people in the real world will also impact the students and remind them to keep trying if something doesn't work the first time.  Learning about grit is something we can all benefit from!

































  • It worked! It worked!

    Woo Hoo

    :) Jenn

  • Hi

    People, I apologize in advance if you end up seeing three different versions of my welcome entry.  For some reason, it was tricky for me to figure out how to post on this page.  But I did not give up because I am GRITTY. :) Ha!

    I first became interested in integrating growth mindset into my classroom while working on the Quest curriculum last summer.  The engineering design process is basically grit in action.  Some of the other teachers with whom I was working were taking part in or had already taken part in the Suzanne' s grit course.    Suzanne came to my second-grade classroom in the fall and did the sandpaper lesson with my class.  It was amazing.  I referenced that lesson all year.


    This summer I want to gain a deeper understanding of how to help my students grow their grit.  I would also like to develop ideas for how to incorporate grit/growht midset more fully into daily lessons and my classroom community. 


    Fingers crossed--I hope this works...

    Jenn Dixson

  • Getting to Know You!

    Hi Everyone! I am a second grade teacher at Groveland Elementary. Recently I have heard a lot about GRIT and the Growth Mindset. It is something I tried to build in as part of character development in my classroom this previous school year. I am really looking forward to this online workshop to strengthen my understanding of GRIT and the Growth Mindset, as well as, learn about new resources that can be implemented in my classroom in the fall. I look forward to working with you!

           - Jenn Flanagan

  • Let's Get Gritty!

    Hi everyone,

    I am a first grade teacher at Butler. I am so excited for this course. As a first grade teacher, GRIT is discussed daily in my classroom. I am looking forward to learning about additional resources and activities to implement come fall. I am excited to learn from all of you!

    Kelly Fernandez

  • Getting Gritty

    Hello Everyone,
    As a fifth grade teacher at Titus, I am always looking for ways to inspire intrinsic motivation in my students. After reading and implementing bits and pieces of growth mindset and GRIT into my classroom language and practice, I look forward to focusing on it this summer! I am actually going to use this topic for my graduate research as well!! Let's get down and GRITTY :)

  • Getting to Know You


    I will be a new third grade teacher at Groveland this year and am grateful to have this workshop as a resource to start the year off on the right foot! I was introduced to the concept of growth mindset while interviewing in CB. From there I learned more about grit and started to evaluate my own outlook on challenges, failure, etc. I am excited to learn ways to promote grit and a growth mindset in the classroom so that students are able to carry this outlook far beyond their elementary years!


  • Getting Gritty

    I am a second grade teacher at Mill Creek and am very excited to learn all about grit! I have heard fabulous things about how teaching grit in the classroom can really impact students relationships and success. I am excited to gain some valuable "gritty" insight, learn from colleagues, and explore resources already been used in CB.


  • Hello!

    Hello All!

    I am a kindergarten teacher at Doyle. I am excited to take this course so I can begin to discuss and develop grit with our youngest learners! I believe that helping kindergarten students understand how to have a growth mindset is so important because they will be able to utilize this way of thinking through the rest of their school years and lives. That is so powerful! I am looking forward to learning some ideas that I can implement with my future students in the fall.


  • Excited for Grit

    Hi Everyone,


    I'm a third grade teacher at Bridge Valley. I'm really excited to take this course this summer and learn new ways to help my students embrace grit. I've heard a lot about grit from CB staff meetings and grad school classes, however, I've been lacking in ways to make grit more meaningful and powerful for my students. I know that by the end of the summer, I'll have a whole collection of grit ideas to use in the classroom!

    Annalia Chaplin

  • Getting to know you



    I am so excited for this course. I have heard so much about grit, but really want to dive in and learn how to apply this in my classroom. As an adult, I have seen firsthand how much of a role this trait can play in our lives, and I hope to instill this in my students. As a sixth grade teacher, I see a variety of obstacles my students face, and I strive to provide them with the tools to do so. I look forward to an informative, insightful course!

    Kelly Sparhawk