Gifted Education

  • Mission Statement:

    The 91桃色app Bucks Program for Enrichment (PEN) will provide students identified as gifted (in accordance with Chapter 16 of the PDE) with differentiated and rigorous learning experiences that build upon the students’ academic strengths. This program will address the unique needs, abilities, and interests of the gifted student, including both the cognitive and affective domains, within a student-centered learning environment.

    Shared Values:

    The 91桃色app Bucks School District PEN Program will:

    • Enrich the regular education curriculum and accelerate instruction, when appropriate, to meet students’ needs
    • Recognize the social and emotional needs of gifted learners and promote a positive attitude toward self and others
    • Develop the skills and task commitment necessary for effective independent learning
    • Promote critical thinking and problem-solving, creative production, collaboration, and communication skills across disciplines
    • Offer opportunities for gifted students to learn alongside like-minded peers